What are the Resources of Power and Influence left for General Ali Mohsen?

EPC | 30 Apr 2014

Comparing what Major General Ali Mohsen Saleh holds now of power and influence with what he used to have in the past, it is clear that he has also lost in the new situation. The divisions inside the former regime, as the crisis of 2011 has shown, spontaneously made all sides lose with varying degrees some political privileges, influence, command and control which they have gained through a partnership over long years. Therefore, the old general no longer enjoys that kind of power and influence, which was available to him through the state treasury. Furthermore, he is no longer able to grant the political status, the sovereign positions, the public posts, the military ranks, lands and gifts as he used to do. He is also no longer holding the position or role that allow him to depend strongly on the resources and tools of the official violence (the armed forces in particular), because acting in the army as before is no longer available. There are also indications that General Mohsen’s influence inside the military is declining. But this does not mean in any way that the General lacks the necessary resources to remain an important factor in the formula of power, influence and political and social balances. However, it is clear that the size of his role, which he plays and will play at the political and social arena and the public sphere, remains tied to his relations and alliances with the al-Islah Party and the Salafi movements. These circles are the sphere of influence, through which the General can appear as an important element in a significant center of power. But he cannot appear alone at the top of an independent center of power and influence.

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