What are the Odds of the Houthis Participation in the National Unity Government?

EPC | 21 Jul 2013

Regardless of the source of the latest news reports about deliberations for a cabinet reshuffle to include Houthis in the national unity government, it seems that there are no credible indications to predict the occurrence of such thing. Rather there are several indicators, which point to the contrary. The national unity government was formed by the General People’s Congress and its allies and the joint meeting and its partners at the end of 2011, according to the implementation mechanism of the Gulf initiative, which the Houthis group was not among its signatories. Assuming that the Houthis have agreed then to take part in the government, their participation would have come as part of the joint meeting share because they were - until that time - their partners. Today, while taking into consideration the remaining time for the government according to the synchronized implementation mechanism, it is unfeasible to make any reshuffle on the cabinet of Mohammad Salem Basindwa, which, according to many observers, has shown its inability to establish the necessary foundations to securely and properly cross into the post transition phase. It is likely that the national unity government will complete its term with the current formation because it will not be effective through any kind of reshuffle, unless the change includes the prime minister and several sovereign ministries. The latter option faced fierce opposition since day one by the quota partners.

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