Towards an Alternative Policy for the Balance Principle in Managing the Transitional Stage in Yemen

EPC | 24 Nov 2013

The GCC states have supported the policy of preserving balance among Yemeni forces and parties during the drafting and implementation of the political settlement included in the Gulf initiative and its executive mechanism. This stance had objective justifications, while its implementation prevented any singular political faction from monopolizing power. Furthermore, adhering to this policy has motivated former president Ali Abdullah Saleh to accept the initiative, give concessions that lead to a peaceful transfer of power and spare Yemen the civil war option. After two years have passed on implementing the policy of balance and agreement, there are developments and justifications that require abandoning this policy and adopting a new one, based on expanding the space over which president Hadi is moving and loosen the restriction of agreement, which limits the ability of both the president and the government, and shackle them with strict constraints.

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