The War in Damaj: Motivations and Possible Consequences

EPC | 22 Nov 2013

The Damaj region in the governorate of Sa’dah in northern Yemen is experiencing fighting between Houthis, who control this governorate and Salafis, who live in a small area in one of its counties to receive education in Islamic law in its institute, which was established in 1979. This war led to a state of mobilization and rallying between Salafis and forces of the society, which were harmed and fearful of the presence of Houthis on one side, and the Houthis and forces of the society supporting them on the other. Furthermore, this war had an impact on the general political situation in the country and the national dialogue, which is facing huge hurdles. President Hadi, as well as internal and external forces supporting him are struggling to overcome those hurdles.

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