The Uprising in Hadhramaut between Protestation and Secession

EPC | 27 Dec 2013

Hadhramaut recently transformed into a scene of political disturbances as a result of a number of factors and conditions, notably: the deteriorating security situation, the rising acts of sabotage and failure on the part of Yemeni authorities to tackle these issues. The situation was exacerbated to the point that led the Hadhramaut Tribes Alliance to call for a popular uprising after one of the tribal leaders in the area was killed at the hands of personnel at a military checkpoint. The uprising has a long list of objectives such as handing over the culprits and putting them on trial, removing all state camps from the area, cancelling all checkpoints, and local control and management of oil resources. Presenting such objectives has raised many doubts about the real objectives and motivations, even accusing it of inaugurating the secession project of Hadhramaut from Yemen and its connection to regional agendas. So, what are the dimensions of this uprising? What are the chances for this uprising to move towards disintegrating Yemen and Hadhramaut’s secession? What are the obstacles surrounding this uprising and preventing it from evolving in that direction?

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