The Significance of the Saudi Exemption of the Yemeni Congregation for Reform from the List of Terrorist Groups

EPC | 20 Apr 2014

After one month of Saudi Arabia’s announcement of a list of terrorist organizations or groups, the Yemeni government received a clarification by the Saudi Ministry of Interior. The clarification stated that the March 2014 announcement does not include the Yemeni Congregation for Reform (YCR), the Tunisian al-Nahdah Party or the Libyan Justice and Construction Party. This clarification is significant and embodies a number of messages and indicators about the Saudi foreign policy in general and the Saudi-Yemeni ties. It seems that there is a revision, if not for the general position of the Saudi foreign policy, at least for the policies related to Yemen and its leadership. In addition, this clarification will be an introduction or a step towards improving ties with Sana’a and an indication of Riyadh’s desire to regain its role and presence in Yemen which is about to go through huge transformations. Saudi Arabia also wants to protect the wide network of agents, who provide Riyadh with strong influence and impact on the Yemeni affairs.

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