The Repeated Confrontations between the Houthis (Zaidis), the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafis (Sunnis)

EPC | 19 Jul 2013

The two sides were involved in previous clashes, but the most violent and repeated clashes occurred during the past two years in al Jouf, Ridah, Hajjah and Sa’dah, most of which were direct military clashes. Although what happened in Sana’a was one of those repeated clashes between the two sides, still it raised great concerns about the possibility to spread in the direction of sliding Yemen into a wide sectarian struggle. The latest clashes carried out special significance because it occurred in the heart of the capital, in which supporters of both sides are concentrated. It also involved ordinary citizens whom their actions and reactions are hard to control unlike military militias, which only require an order to stop fighting. This means that the fighting is susceptible to spread further without any guarantee to control it. This paper tries to examine these concerns and explore chances that these clashes evolve in a way that might push Yemen into the furnace of a widespread sectarian struggle.

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