The Political Future of President Mansur Hadi: Whether to Renew for the Interim Yemeni President or Not

EPC | 05 May 2013

According to the GCC initiative and its executive mechanism, all what is left of the interim term for President Abd Rabbu Mansur Hadi is less than a year, which ends in Feb. 2014. This raises a fundamental question about the political future of Mansur Hadi. But taking a quick and profound look at the dynamics of the current scene in Yemen and its foreseeable future, it seems that renewing for Mansur Hadi, despite his personal and public reservations on such a choice in more than one occasion, will remain on the table. All available indications point out that renewing for Mansur Hadi is a likely, if not a desired and welcomed choice, due to several serious challenges and important issues, which require the presence of Mansur Hadi at the helm for a longer time than what was set in the executive mechanism of the Gulf initiative. Hence, the continuation of his political role, at least for an additional period, where the duration can be agreed upon among political and national forces.

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