The National Dialogue Conference (NDC) and the Second Interim Stage

EPC | 02 Sep 2013

The two-year interim stage is supposed to end in Feb. 2014. Those in the Southern Movement, who boycotted NDC, completely paralyzed the work of the dialogue due to the engagement of the rest of committees with defining the shape of the state. The Southern Movement, led by Mohammad Ali Ahmad, was given a chance to hold consultations until Sep. 10, 2013, which was thought to be an introduction to extend the conference perhaps for another month or until the end of the year. However, this will not happen; the president has affirmed that the dialogue will end on its prescheduled time of Sep. 18. This means that the dialogue will be followed by a draft of the constitution, followed by a referendum, then preparation for presidential and parliamentary elections by Feb. 2014. But this won’t happen due to technical obstacles such as the time factor, and most importantly, the existence of political deals behind the scenes. International and local parties have agreed that it is in its interest to extend for the current president, to prevent any sudden change in the balance of power and at the same time, the political forces will share the ministerial posts and other public interests.

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