The Influence of the Houthi Movement within the Yemeni Army: Reality, Nature and Roles it May Play

EPC | 30 Mar 2014

It is natural that the Houthi Movement will deliberately ignore media talk about its influence inside the Yemeni army, as long as this ignorance serves its objectives to enhance the idea that the power centers - which are the fierce rivals of Houthis - are the only ones still squabbling over the loyalty of the armed forces and security forces. On the other hand, it seems that the movement is interested in sending a clear message to its rivals. The message is when the movement wants to publicly compete for the armed forces, it will. However, the importance and danger of people inside the army who show loyalty or sympathy to the Houthis does not lie in their numbers because the number is big. But the danger and importance lie in the critical positions held by those people. Eventually, we cannot deny the relevance of the analysis, which says that the Houthis influence inside the army establishment might be on the top of the list, or at least one of the factors that prevent the presidency of the Yemeni state from involving the armed forces in a total war against the movement.

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