The Impact of Iran’s Nuclear Agreement on the Political Situation in Yemen: The Houthi Movement

EPC | 05 Dec 2013

After a decade and 19 rounds of negotiations between Iran and P5+1, the two sides signed an agreement on Tehran’s nuclear program on Nov. 24, 2013. There is no doubt that this agreement has a relative fallout on the political situation in Yemen, in general, and on the Shiite Houthi Movement, in particular, as a rising political movement with its weight and impact on politics in Yemen due to its doctrinal and political connection with Iran. This agreement will have deep indirect impact as a result of the regional aftershocks and the storm it has caused in the regional ties and politics, especially the security and political reactions by the Arabian Gulf countries. These reactions will have an impact on Yemen, in general, and on the Houthi Movement, in particular.

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