The future of Russian-Iranian relations in light of the Iranian-American rapprochement

EPC | 01 Nov 2013

The centers of American and Western studies view Russia’s foreign relations on the basis of the prioritization of economic interests based on the usual Russian pragmatic realism, while a prevailing reading in Iranian political and research circles affiliated to the “Leader's House” - the ruling Revolutionary Guard Corps and President Rouhani's team is that this reading Russian foreign policy is inaccurate and relies on old data, and Iran does not see in its rapprochement with the United States what could negatively affect its partnership with Russia. However, Iranian diplomacy did not neglect Russian economic interests, so it decided Signing huge contracts for the purchase of weapons and signed medium and long-term trade and technological cooperation and trade agreements. Mistaken understanding of the nature and characteristics of Russian-Iranian relations has resulted in the failure of some countries in the region's attempts to influence the Russian position on the Syrian file; therefore, it is necessary to review the prevailing evaluation of the countries of the region On the level and future of Iranian-Russian relations, depending on the current situation, not the previous one

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