The Fallout of the Attack Against the Defense Ministry Compound in Sana’a

EPC | 05 Dec 2013

The attack against the Ministry of Defense compound in Sana’a falls in the same category of the previous agonizing attacks such as the attack against the Central Security in 2012 in the al-Sabi’in Square, and the storming of the headquarters of the 2nd Military Region in al-Mukalla months ago. But the latest attack was unique because it targeted the Defense Ministry at a time of deadlock in the transitional political process. Therefore, it will have different and deep indications and results. There is no doubt that the perpetrators or those who stand behind them wanted to convey a number of messages. The assessment of these messages varies according to the position of the analyst, his analysis and his ability to connect the dots. But there are general messages realized by Yemenis, whether the perpetrators, or those who stand behind them intended to convey those messages or not. The first message says that the state is weak and the revolution of change in Yemen was futile and a mistake. So, almost all political analysts agree that the purpose of this attack was to foil the political process. Moreover, another important message is conveyed: “we are here and can reach the most important security and military stronghold in the heart of the capital.”

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