The Contradictory Visions of the Yemeni Political Forces on the Post-Dialogue Stage

EPC | 29 Nov 2013

Differences are still strong on the most important and sensitive issues in the National Dialogue Conference (NDC), especially, those related to transitional justice, determining the closing session, forming the Constitution Drafting Committee and above all Southern issue. The Southern issue has obstructed the work of the conference for more than a month and resolving it, is pivotal in the course of the national dialogue, even in the course of the whole transitional phase. Nevertheless, huge differences have surfaced in the past few days about the post-dialogue stage. A number of forces and factions participating in NDC have introduced contrasting and contradictory political visions on a number of issues related to the post-dialogue phase. In this analysis, we will try to answer the following questions through the visions of Yemeni components: • Why there should be a new transitional stage? • How long should this stage be? • What are the nature of its special duties? • What are the motivations behind these visions?

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