Repercussions of the War between Salafis and the Houthis in Damaj

EPC | 14 Nov 2013

The continuation of the war between Salafis and Houthis in Damaj, Sa’dah and the failure of the repeated mediations to stop it, is leading Yemen rapidly towards a civil war if the state does not impose its sovereignty over all governorates and stop internal wars through the power and sovereignty of the state. If Houthis, Salafis and al-Islah Party continue their efforts to build up arms and open new war fronts, it will obstruct the peaceful transition of power, lead to the failure of democratic transformation and the rise of new radical and tribal armed movements which could control parts of Yemen. This will loosen the state’s grip further and enable al-Qaeda movement to spread more and gain more supporters. Sa’dah, in turn, will become an area of sectarian and regional struggle, which will make Yemen a theater of regional and international struggles, thus, a danger on the regional and international security.

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