Regions and its Problems in Yemen: The Hadhramaut Region (2-7)

EPC | 10 May 2014

The Hadhramaut region is the most important economic, political and geostrategic region among the six Yemeni regions. Nevertheless, Hadhramaut is leading other Yemeni regions in terms of problems and challenges as part of the transition towards the federal system, such as the intensity and activity of the sub-national identities and tendencies that dominate the political landscape. Hadhramaut also suffers from untraditional political powers, which are trying to control the region and speak on its behalf, such as the rising tribal alliances and big merchants who hail from this region. There are also the former Sultanate families, which has started in the past years to act modestly to exploit the chaotic situation in the country. A struggle is expected between the governorates and counties inside the region, about the share of each in the natural wealth. Differences among the various governorates of Hadhramaut over borders is unique. All of these problems make Hadhramaut less harmonious in terms of relations among the people and regions, as well as their relation with the central state. Hadhramaut is also the most dangerous and most sensitive region for the Yemeni state. The population of the region are scattered between the projects and aspirations of the various identities and forces. The problem surpasses the issue of lack of harmony because the internal identities and tendencies are of the kind that are susceptible to develop in non-national directions. The problem of Southern secessionists and Hadramis will remain one of the most important problems for the state in this region. It seems that things will not stop at this point because there are indications of the rise of a special tendency in the whole region and on behalf of the whole population, which is a repelling, exclusionary and unwelcoming tendency towards the rest of the people of Yemen.\

Image Source: Reuters Pictures

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