Policies of the Houthi Movement Rise: Enhance Sources of Strength and Weaken Rivals

EPC | 21 Jul 2013

The Houthi Movement in Yemen has turned into a power that cannot be ignored and a political actor with an influence recognized by all. It is clear that this reality would not have happened if Houthis did not possess elements of power, which have enabled it to impose an actual control on the ground. However, everyone, including the Houthi Movement itself, realize that the weakness of the state and the political situation in the country, are the real reasons that led to this situation. When these reasons are gone, this preferential situation for the movement will change. Eventually, the power of the Houthis, its possession of arms and militias and its actual control over a vast geographical area (it is said that this area is larger than Lebanon) cannot be considered as right or legitimate. The power of the movement comes from the weakness of other parties, notably, the Yemeni state of course. It seems that the movement realizes this, and realizes that to in order to continue and develop this situation, the movement needs to be ahead of others and possess sources and means of power. Therefore, the movement has drafted its policies, which focus on enhancing the sources and means of the Houthis’ power, to move in this direction. There are four main issues, which we believe forms the subject of this policy: • Military power, • Finances, • Geographical control, • Weakening current and possible rivals and competitors.

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