Decoding Hezbollah

EPC | 16 Sep 2018

The Lebanese Hezbollah experienced developments and transformations in recent years that would have ramifications on its trajectory and consequences on Lebanon and the region as a whole. One of the most important development is Hezbollah’s involvement in the Syrian war as part of Iran’s proxies who seek to defend the Syrian regime. This involvement meant that Hezbollah’s role as an Iranian proxy is no longer limited to the Lebanese stage but goes beyond that to the whole region. This role has been affirmed through the logistic support provided by Hezbollah to militant Shiite groups in Iraq and the Houthis in Yemen and elsewhere. Thus, Hezbollah became a regional player.  

This paper seeks to approach and decode Hezbollah by shedding light on its ideology, its leadership, organizational and institutional structures, political and military shifts within the party, study changes in its geopolitical calculations and consequences of its expanding regional role and foresee Hezbollah’s future local and regional choices.

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