Cold Official Relationship between Yemen and Saudi Arabia: The Need for an Alternate Political Vision

EPC | 16 Apr 2014

Saudi Arabia is still affected by the chaos resulting from the social and political situation in Yemen in the wake of the 2011 crisis. In effect, it seems that Riyadh, which was appalled by the fact that it is no longer the only major player in Yemen, is moving ahead with adjusting some aspects of its policies towards Sana’a. But it seems that Riyadh does not have many dependable qualitative options (untraditional) in its policy towards Yemen. The internal situation of the Saudi regime, the regional geopolitical transformations and the new parameters on the Yemeni political arena are all pressing factors towards limited options, some of which might be highly risky. Eventually and in the best interest of both countries, Riyadh needs to develop a realistic political vision for the nature and form of its present and future relationship with Yemen. It is important that Riyadh’s vision be centered on the presidential establishment in Sana’a. Regardless of the new shape of the map of the official and unofficial political forces in Yemen, there is no doubt that the need of the Yemeni state for Saudi Arabia will keep providing Riyadh with a great degree of influence and effectiveness in Yemen, if Saudi Arabia knows how to steer its efforts through the official channels.

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