Between the Feasibility of Adopting a New Leadership for the Hashid Tribe & Chances for the Rise of a New Alternative Leadership

EPC | 24 Mar 2014

As part of the balance of power related to the tribal construct in the public sphere, and the factors that limit the impact and effectiveness of the roles of Northern Yemeni tribal figures and their political and social positions; the current reality reveals new data and facts. This pool of data and facts will redesign the formula of tribal balances on bases different from what was prevailing during the last years of former president Ali Abdullah Saleh’s rule. In view of the size and quality of transformations, which have affected the map of the tribal influence since the events of 2011 until now, observers can conclude that the Bakil tribe, especially its leaders and notables, who descend from families with historical and social status in the tribe, have a golden opportunity to play a role different than the secondary and supplementary role it used to play in the past, which was mostly on the margin allowed by the Hashid power with its three poles – President Saleh, Sheikh al-Ahmar and General Mohsen.

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