Al-Islah Party is Extending through Armed Militias

EPC | 09 Nov 2013

There is no doubt the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) organization with all of its international offshoots still represent a threat to societies through which it has expanded. These organizations have a global agenda to control and rule. After its retreat in Egypt, Yemen has surfaced as a haven for MB’s leadership and as a launching base: rebuilding and expansion. The situation becomes more dangerous at the backdrop of the fragility of the state control over its provinces in Yemen and the absence of authority in many of these areas. This situation has allowed MB to establish training camps for illegal militias, but it clarifies the long-term objectives of the movement, which aims to topple the regime and hold power in Yemen by force. Then, make Yemen a base to destabilize neighboring countries and expand into it, hoping to depose its regimes and rule it. This paper introduces a map for the armed camps of MB in Yemen, which clarifies its strategy of expansion and infiltration.

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