Adopting the Proportional List as an Electoral System in Yemen: Potential Consequences and Effects

EPC | 14 Jan 2014

It is expected that a number of decisions by NDC will result in huge changes in the political life in Yemen such as the adoption of the closed proportional list as an electoral system. The paper argues that the adoption of this electoral system will change many of the rules of the electoral game and redesign and reorganize the elements of its political environment, thus changing the positions of the political players due to the chances it provides, the advantages it takes away and the hurdles and challenges it lays in front of them. Certainly, this system will usher the end of big parties because it will eliminate the huge differences in the power among parties, eventually, leading to many political parties similar in power. This will create a new reality of alliances where it will be difficult for any party to have a parliamentary majority. Therefore, this will force resorting to an unstable and weak coalition government. This will eventually lead not to a strong parliament only but a strong president as well.

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