A Struggle that Establishes the Next Phase and that May Continue until the End of 2018

EPC | 03 Oct 2013

The work of the National Dialogue Committees ends on Thursday, except the Southern Issue and State-Building committees. Bringing the work of the dialogue to an end means drafting a new constitution and holding a referendum on this constitution, then looking into extending for President Hadi, which is most likely. All political parties will try to exploit this issue to gain more concessions from the president. At the same time, acts of violence, assassinations and sabotage have escalated and the capital is suffering from power outage for the second consecutive week and food and fuel shortages, with a high possibility of floating the Rial to finance the budget deficit. If flotation of the Rial goes as planned, it will increase the inflation rate to a record level, which will bite half of the purchasing power of the citizen with an average income. It is worth noting that as we approach the announcement of the second transitional stage, various political forces are repositioning and realigning themselves. In other words, the aforementioned accusations imply today’s allies, even if it apparently targets the Houthis.

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