A Road Map for UAE-African Relations from Soft Power Perspective

EPC | 01 Nov 2014

It is possible and essential to develop tools of soft power and use them effectively in the UAE ties with African nations, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa. It is noted that the UAE’s strategic position, as an important rout for African transit trade, notably to Asia, calls for the possibility of forging a UAE-African strategic partnership. Priority might be given to the emerging economic powers in Africa. There are common challenges and benefits; the UAE can provide help to African nations in the fields of training and renewable energy projects. The paper provides a vision and a practical road map to pin point opportunities and obstacles for cooperation between the UAE and African countries to build a genuine partnership between the two sides based on the prevailing practical concept in the literature of international relations. This new partnership is unique because it introduces an alternative and a third way away from the fierce global struggle over Africa, on one hand, and it contributes to the support of elements of Arab national security, which intersect with Egypt’s interests in Africa, on the other.

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