A Recommendation for the Decision-Maker on the Growing Security and Political Challenges in Yemen

EPC | 17 Dec 2013

Security, political and economic challenges facing Yemen have recently increased due to the tense political situation following the stumbling of the National Dialogue Conference (NDC), the stalemate in the transitional stage, the continuing wars in Damaj and a number of areas around the Sa’dah governorate, the systematic hostile acts against electricity transmission lines and oil pipelines, acts of violence that claim the lives of a number of army and police officers on a daily basis, and the horrific attack against the Ministry of Defense compound in Sana’a. Such a situation calls for an urgent intervention by the 10 countries overseeing the Gulf initiative, notably the GCC states. The GCC needs to support the regime of President Abd Rabbu Mansur Hadi and take punitive steps against the political parties involved in spreading chaos, end the deadlock in the political process by making fundamental and decisive breakthroughs that tackle tentative issues in the NDC agenda, pave the way to hold the NDC’s final session and build a consensus on the next stage. In exchange for all of this, the president commits to abandon his alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood represented by the al-Islah Party.

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