A New Discourse by the Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen that Ignores Realities

EPC | 18 Jul 2013

The toppling of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in Egypt is still resonating in Yemen. The opponents of the Yemeni MB (al Islah Party) project the events in Egypt on Yemen, as evidence to prove the failure of Islamists to govern. On the other hand, al Islah Party says that it is not a replica of the Egyptian MB and enjoys the support of Saudi Arabia and Gulf states. Al Islah Party reiterates that the Saudi dealing with the Salafis in Yemen, is different from the way Riyadh deals with the Egyptian salafis, and both are different from Salafis in Algeria who swept the parliamentary elections there 23 years ago. The way the outside world deals with al-Islah Party in Yemen must not be based on the same principles of the outside dealing with the MB in Turkey, Egypt or other countries.

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