Egypt: Current reality and the Future of Transitions

EPC | 15 - 16 Jun 2014
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Presently, the international and regional orders are going through a reshaping process. The so-called Arab revolutions have complicated the process of re-crystallizing a new regional order. Egypt represents an important strategic depth to counterbalance the non-Arab regional powers. Egypt stands to be an important regional player in the phase of reshaping the international order, if Cairo and other Arab countries are able to forge strategic alliances, based on strong foundations and common sustainable interests. Since its inception, Emirates Policy Center has adopted a methodology of approaching all issues in a specialized manner, to be able to dissect present reality and examine future directions based on this analysis. The workshop, entitled Egypt: Current Reality and the Future of Transitions, comes as a continuation of this methodology. This closed workshop was meant to establish clear visions about the reality of the Egyptian state, its future tracks, the entangled political landscape inside the country, and its complicated regional and international position. Therefore, efforts have focused intensively on the present to help foresee the transitions, draw scenarios and provide recommendations for decision-makers in the region.

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Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates