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About us

The Emirates Policy Center (EPC) is an independent think tank based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The EPC was established in September 2013 during the turmoil of the “Arab Spring” to study internal and external threats to nation-states in the Arabian Gulf region and the broader Arab world. The EPC aims to determine and forecast the impacts of geopolitical developments and changes in the global balance of power on the UAE and the region.


The Emirates Policy Center (EPC) aims to provide strategic analyses and modelling to provide UAE decision-makers with accurate insight concerning the security of the UAE in its regional and international contexts. The EPC prepares political risk analyses for local, regional and international partners charting the impact of different crises and geopolitical shifts. EPC holds strategic debates that foresee power trends in the world and the region, as well as, regional and international geopolitical policies and projects and their impact in the Gulf region.


EPC employs empirical data modelling and scholarly methodologies in its strategic analyses, developing forecasts and corresponding strategies using a network of specialized methods, experts and software.

Policy Units

EPC features specialized policy units providing focused coverage of a variety of geographical areas (including the Iran, GCC, Yemen, Turkey and Egypt) and on subjects such as, extremism and counter-terrorism, and energy.