Yemen Crisis

Coronavirus Pandemic in Yemen: Weak Response and Fear of a Second Wave

EPC | 07 Jan 2021

​This paper sheds light on the state of the coronavirus epidemic in Yemen, and whether this country has really passed the risk stage. The paper also reviews the nature of the Yemeni authorities' response (the legitimate government and the Houthis) to the pandemic and fears of a resurgence of the epidemic in the country.

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The Worsening Economic Crisis in Yemen: Indications and Repercussions

EPC | 12 Aug 2020

Signs of the worsening crisis of the Yemeni economy have increased recently, warning that it is approaching the brink of total collapse. This may have enormous and tragic repercussions on the lives of the vast majority of Yemenis who have already been suffering from difficult living conditions for several years. This paper sheds light on the most prominent indications of the escalation of the current economic crisis in Yemen and explores its most important possible repercussions.

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Yemen Confronts Coronavirus: Challenges in Combating the Epidemic and the Impact on the Conflict

EPC | 04 Apr 2020

While no cases of coronavirus have been recorded yet in Yemen, it is only a matter of time before the virus reaches the country, at which point it is expected to spread widely and catastrophically. Such an epidemic is also expected to have political repercussions, with some parties, such as the United Nations, seeing it as an opportunity to bring an end to the conflict in the country. This paper examines how coronavirus is expected to impact Yemen, in particular its effect on the political scene and the attempts by the international community to use it as an opportunity to put an end to the five-year-long conflict in the country.

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