Past Events

The Future of Turkey’s Model and Role

The ruling Justice and Development Party (JDP) in Turkey presented a model which combines the modern state with Islam. This model was well-received by Sunni Islamist movements in the region and masses supporting these movements.

EPC | 18 - 19 May 2014
The Doctrinal Foundations of Iran’s Geopolitical Project

The 1979 Islamic Revolution of Iran resumed the project of the Safavid state which reconstructed the Iranian identity based on a combination of the Iranian inclination and the Shiite doctrine.

EPC | 07 Apr 2014
The Future of the Houthi Movement in Yemen

Currently, the Houthis' Movement constitutes a vibrant revival of two strong historical prejudices on the Yemeni political scene. The first is genealogy and ancestral prejudice based on claims of descent from the Prophet Muhammad.

EPC | 04 Mar 2014