The Post-Pandemic World

Epc | 13 Nov 2021
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Past Events

Abu Dhabi Strategic Debate 2014

To reach a common understanding amongst international and regional actors about tendencies of regional and international powers, as well as enhance efforts of policy-making among those actors.

EPC | 18 - 20 Oct 2014
Implications of Iraq for Gulf and Global Energy

Implications of Iraq for Gulf and Global Energy

EPC | 09 Sep 2014
Egypt: Current reality and the Future of Transitions

Presently, the international and regional orders are going through a reshaping process. The so-called Arab revolutions have complicated the process of re-crystallizing a new regional order.

EPC | 15 - 16 Jun 2014
The Future of Turkey’s Model and Role

The ruling Justice and Development Party (JDP) in Turkey presented a model which combines the modern state with Islam. This model was well-received by Sunni Islamist movements in the region and masses supporting these movements.

EPC | 18 - 19 May 2014