The Post-Pandemic World

EPC | 29 Sep 2021


The Emirates Policy Center (EPC) is holding its 8th Abu Dhabi Strategic Debate (ADSD)The Post-Pandemic World, at the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi from November 13-15, 2021. The focus this year is on the regional and international environments in the post-Covid-19 era.

Across five panels on the opening day, experts would discuss the state of the world and international order, highlighting emerging threats for global security, particularly pandemics and climate change.

Topics to be discussed on Day 1 include the impact of technology and cybersecurity on global politics, digitalization, the future of the global economy, the US-China conflict, and the Europe-Russia competition.

Six panels scheduled for the second day revolve around the state of the Middle East. Topics to be discussed on Day 2 include the crisis in Afghanistan, the future of the Iranian and Turkish policies, the role of the Abraham Accords in peace-making, and the Arab region’s future in light of the global geo-strategic shifts and consequences of the decline of political Islam.

Since the UAE is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, the 8th ADSD will dedicate a special session to discuss the UAE as a regional power with a global vision.

Like its previous editions, prominent strategic experts, well-known researchers, and leading policymakers worldwide would participate in this annual gathering.

Venue Details

The Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi