The Future of the Houthi Movement in Yemen

EPC | 04 Mar 2014
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Currently, the Houthis' Movement constitutes a vibrant revival of two strong historical prejudices on the Yemeni political scene. The first is genealogy and ancestral prejudice based on claims of descent from the Prophet Muhammad. The second is the sectarian prejudice by all subscribers to Zaydism, Zaydi Shiites. Therefore, the Houthis from this perspective alone have all sources of political and cultural strength. To understand the context that led to the rise of the Houthis' Movement in northern Yemen, a return to the four decades that followed the abolishing of the Imamate rule in 1962 seems inevitable.

In this necessary recall of history, the present and the future have been diligently approached from different perspectives. All doctrines, thoughts, militancy, expansion, politics, media, financing and external relations have contributed in shaping the Houthi's Movement; thus, shedding light on how it works from within.

Accordingly, this workshop tries to foresee the future of the Houthis' Movement in the light of the changes that have taken place in Yemen since 2011 and scrutinizes the dynamics and mechanisms that stipulate the Houthis' behavior.

This attempt, however, takes into consideration all other contributing factors such as political integration, armament, endogenous environment as well as social and sectarian contexts.

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Abu Dhabi,
United Arab Emirates.