Qatar’s Unilateral Policies: Assessment of the Political Risks of Doha’s Ambitions

EPC | 25 Sep 2017
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Emirates Policy Center will organize on Sep. 25, 2017 a workshop on the crisis between Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt, on one side, with Qatar, on the other. The event will boast a variety of prominent experts, scholars, academics and media figures.   

The workshop will tackle the circumstances of the Qatari crisis in its Gulf and Arab contexts and the consequences of this crisis on Gulf and Arab interests in light of Doha’s stubbornness to respond to the GCC demands, such as the need for Qatar to stop supporting terrorism, including financial and political sponsorship of extremist and terrorist groups in the region. Qatar’s actions violate and challenge the international position that puts fighting terrorism on the top of its list of priorities and interests.

The workshop will focus on the implications of Qatar’s unilateral policies on the Qatari people and the GCC bloc, as well as, Doha’s alliances with regional powers at the expense of its Gulf brethren’s security and interests in a way that harms the GCC’s unity and its regional and international strategic status.

The workshop seeks to provide a quiet interpretation for the crisis and potential future scenarios that might control its trajectories.

Venue Details

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.