Prospects of Partnership between China and the UAE under the “One Belt, One Road” Initiative

EPC | 29 Mar 2017
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The roundtable seeks to shed light on China’s “One Belt, One Road” Initiative and its impact on the Chinese-UAE partnership through three main panels:

The first panel deals with the initiative’s premises, goals and trajectories; the role of the initiative in China’s transformation into a new economic pole; and its impact on the geopolitical competition with the US.

The second panel tackles the prospects of partnership between China and the UAE under the initiative; the required mechanisms, frameworks and infrastructure to ensure the success of economic cooperation between the two countries; how can the UAE effectively employ its partnership diversification policy under the initiative; and what are the fields of UAE-China cooperation under this initiative with the rest of GCC countries and Iran?

The third panel discusses the reflections of the geopolitical competition among regional powers, the current conflicts, and their impact on the initiative. The panel seeks answers to the following questions: to what extent could this initiative lead to a regional economic-trade cooperation in light of the current geopolitical competition among regional powers? Would this initiative increase China’s involvement in the regional affairs of the Gulf and Middle Eastern? To what extent could the relations of some regional countries with other global powers and blocs affect their effective involvement in this initiative?

This gathering offers an invaluable opportunity for dialogue and exchange of ideas and views between experts and officials from both countries.


Wednesday 29 March

08:00 AM ‐ 09:00 AM Registration09:00 AM ‐ 10:30 AM “One Belt, One Road” Initiative: Vision and Trajectory10:30 AM ‐ 10:45 AM Coffee Break10:45 AM ‐ 12:15 PM Partnership between China and the UAE under the Initiative12:15 PM ‐ 01:30 PM Lunch Break01:30 PM ‐ 03:00 PM Geopolitical competition among regional powers, and current conflicts, and their impact on the initiative03:00 PM ‐ 04:00 PM Discussion

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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.