“Killing in the Name of God” Terrorist Groups: Structures, Trajectories and Ends

EPC | 25 May 2015
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The past decade points to the increasing threat of terrorist groups as they continue to escalate their operations, recruit a wide range of groups and individuals from all over the world, and develop their organizational and funding tools.
This underscores the need for a scientific analysis and deconstruction of the hierarchal and operational structure of terrorist networks, militias and unorganized terrorism. 
To this end, Emirates Policy Center (EPC) will organize a workshop entitled: “Killing in the Name of God - Terrorist Groups: Structures, Trajectories and Ends.”
The workshop aims to monitor the geopolitical distribution of active terrorist groups in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, deconstruct their strategy of leadership and organization, mechanisms of funding and recruitment, predict the outcomes of terrorist activity and analyze its potential future risks on the region and the world, draft possible scenarios for the evolution of terrorist groups and suggest recommendations to deal with them.    
Therefore, the contribution of this workshop resides in the fact that it will not deal with Sunni terrorist networks only, but will focus on Shiite terrorist militias, as well, because they form another dimension of the current terrorist phenomenon. The workshop will also touch upon unorganized terrorism represented by the model of the outraged such as “Lone Wolves.”  
A group of Arab and international experts and researchers, who are an authority on terrorism and terrorist groups in the MENA region, will take part in the workshop.

Venue Details

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.