Conflict in Syria in Light of the Cesar Act and Implications of the Coronavirus Crisis

EPC | 08 Jul 2020
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As part of its series of webinars to foresee the world and the region in the wake of the Coronavirus crisis, the Emirates Policy Center (EPC) would like to organize its ninth webinar that deals with the future of conflict in Syria in Light of the “Cesar Act” and Implications of the Coronavirus Crisis.

The webinar will also tackle the implications of the “Cesar Act” and the Coronavirus crisis on the distribution of power among major actors in Syria and the strategy of the Syrian regime and its backer, Russia, to deal with the impact of the US legislation.

Furthermore, the webinar will discuss the impact of the Russian-Turkish competition in Libya on Moscow-Ankara’s relationship in Syria and the likelihood of reaching a Russian-American deal to settle the Syrian conflict. If so, what are the terms and specifications of such a deal? And what is the likelihood of the emergence of new socio-political streams in Syria with a different approach that do not repeat the mistakes of both the regime and opposition and help alter the internal political equation in the country?


Wednesday, July 8, 2020 at 20:00-21:30 UAE local time (16:00-17:30 GMT)


  • Dr. Hussein Ibish, is a Senior Resident Scholar at The Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington. He is an author of many works on the Middle East region, and has made thousands of television appearances to comment on the regional affairs.  He is active in advocacy for Arab causes in the United States.
  • Dr. Bassma Kodmani, is a scholar and university professor in France. She is currently a member of the negotiating team for the UN-led peace talks on Syria and a member of the Syrian Constitutional Committee. She is also a founder and former Director of the Arab Reform Initiative.
  • Zaki Mehchy is an economist. He is a Senior Consulting Fellow in Middle East and North Africa Program, Chatham House, and a researcher at London School of Economics. He is also a co-founder of the Syrian Center for Policy Research (SCPR).



  • Dr. Ebtesam Al Ketbi, President of the Emirates Policy Center.


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Video conference.