Social media and website technical support officer

30 Jun 2021

Responsibilities of the social media/technical support officer on the website include the following:

First: permanent responsibilities on the website

Responsibilities related to the website itself:

  1. The technical design of publications on the special infographic window, which will be published permanently on EPC’s website based on input provided to him/her by the website editor in a way that suits the idea/data intended and publish it on a large scale.
  2. Design any other infographic requested by the website editor inside published material on other windows.
  3. Prepare video clips available for publication on EPC’s website in coordination with the website editor.
  4. Technical editing and direction of photographs as required for the website.
  5. Provide the required technical and technological advice to the website editor as necessary.

Responsibilities related to EPC’s accounts on social media:

  1. Manage EPC’s accounts on social media and constantly feed it with related information, analysis, quotations, publications and data images in coordination and cooperation with the website editor.
  2. Design multiple templates for EPC’s accounts on social media, where each window will have a technical template with a different color taking into consideration EPC’s branding image and logo.
  3. Constant monitoring and management of comments on EPC’s accounts on social media.
  4. Documenting EPC’s accounts on Facebook and Instagram officially, (Twitter’s account is already documented).
  5. Present a monthly report about the traffic of EPC’s accounts on social media and various publishing platforms and show the level of interaction and feedback related to EPC’s publications on these platforms.
  6. Conduct any other tasks related to the provision of technical support for EPC’s website and its various social media platforms.
  7.  Design advertisement campaigns and strategies for EPC’s social media accounts when necessary.
  • Submit CV