English Web Content Editor

27 Oct 2020

The Emirates Policy Center (EPC) is looking for an English web content editor to develop and manage the English content of the center’s website.

The following are details of the specific tasks, necessary skills, required education, qualifications and experience to fill this position:  

First: Specific Tasks

  • Supervise, follow up and update on daily basis the center’s website in English in coordination with the IT section at the center.
  • Draft plans to improve the English version of the website, enhance browsing, reading, reviewing, and searching in search engines.
  • Prepare papers and studies written by researchers inside and outside the center to publish them on the website. This also requires making objective adjustments, if necessary, summaries and handling the technical aspects, as well.
  • Manage the whole process of inviting researchers outside the center to write papers and publish their work on the website in English.
  • Write a periodical political analysis on the latest political events and developments which are part of the center’s interests.
  • Write news items that cover the center’s activities and events.
  • Draft the English content of the center’s social media pages, update and edit this content constantly, and manage interaction on these platforms.
  • Be responsible for dealing with incoming enquiries and messages via EPC electronic e-mail and website.
  • Report website traffic statistics on the English version of EPC website to the center’s management.

Second: Necessary Skills

  • Be fluent in English and preferably have a good knowledge of Arabic.
  • Have excellent writing and editing skills, with an understanding of the special requirements of writing for the Web.
  • Have good organizational skills to collate material from multiple sources and produce web content within tight deadlines.
  • Be able to keep track of developments in web technology and good practices.
  • Be able to work under pressure and prioritize tasks.
  • Be able to establish and maintain interpersonal relationships and develop cooperative working relationships with others.

Third: Required Qualifications, Knowledge, Experience and Education

  • Has a bachelor’s degree in one of the following fields:  journalism, multimedia or mass communication, political science, international relations or English language.
  • Has a previous relevant experience (two years minimum) in an editorial or Web-related position in peer institutions.
  • Has a good knowledge of the Middle East and its political environment, in general, and the Gulf region, in particular.