Essential Skills of Policies Analysis

30 Nov 2020

Venue: Al Khalidiyah St 32, Building C 24, 5th Floor.

The course aims to provide the participants with the fundamental knowledge and skills in policies analysis, including;

  • knowing the fundamental concepts of policies,
  • the key elements of policies analysis, and the determiners of each one of these elements
  • . The course also aims to teach how to monitor information and events to help decision-makers to have a clear vision.
  • This includes monitoring developments, shifts and ongoing events that might cause a crisis, a landmark or a sign of shift in the country, the region or related issue. The course will provide the trainees with the methodologies of determining the decision-makers’ goals and interests regarding an issue of concerns.
  • During the course, there will be case studies of policies analysis, as well as practical sessions on how to prepare policy analysis papers.