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Trump in India: Why Now?

Despite the advanced level US-India relations have reached since the end of the Cold War, there is still debate over the timing and motives of President Donald Trump's recent visit to India (February 24-25). The underlining motives may include the U.S. presidential elections race, peace-making efforts in Afghanistan, the growing Chinese challenge and reining in an Indian rush toward Russia.

Mohamed Fayez Farahat | 26 Feb 2020

Parliamentary Elections and Prospects of Political Change in Ethiopia

Despite the tangible successes Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed achieved at the domestic and foreign policies’ levels since he took office in April 2018, he still faces numerous challenges. Some of these challenges pose a direct threat to his future in power, as well as Ethiopia's stability, especially as the country prepares for parliamentary elections in August 2020. This has made the Ethiopian political scene more ambiguous about the future of the ruling elite in Addis Ababa, and the prospects and limits of any political change.

Adnan Mousa | 25 Feb 2020

Trajectories to Solve the Libyan Conflict: Calculations and Challenges

Efforts to resolve the long-standing conflict in Libya following the Berlin Conference seem to deliver some relative success on the military, economic and political tracks despite persisting challenges and difficulties. Given past failures of similar international conference and negotiations, this relative headway is of paramount importance to avoid another talk breakdown caused by the deep divisions between the various parties to the conflict. It remains difficult to predict a total success in any of these tracks in a manner that would make way for hammering out a final and lasting solution to the ongoing conflict. It is likely that one or more of these three tracks will hit a stalemate in an advanced stage of negotiation.

Bilal Abdullah | 23 Feb 2020

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“Deal of the Century”: Does it Present a Realistic Solution to the Palestinian Issue?

EPC | 20 Feb 2020

Shibley Telhami

What President Trump is doing is different from former US presidents; he is putting more pressure on Palestinians to accept his vision for a soluti...

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David Makovsky

We can say that three people in the Trump Administration were responsible for drafting the “Deal of the Century” in its current form in...

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Robert Malley

In my estimation, the “Deal of the Century” has nothing to do with the priorities of the current U.S administration and it’s an i...

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The Renaissance Dam Issue on the Crossroads of Washington’s Meeting

EPC | 05 Nov 2019

Anwar Ibrahim Ahmad

Addis Ababa thinks that the Renaissance Dam is a project of economic integration that will benefit the whole region, not only Ethiopia. Despite dif...

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Maher Abu Joukh

I think that the scenario of direct military confrontation between Egypt and Ethiopia is unlikely if the upcoming trilateral talks in Washington fa...

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Hani Raslan

Washington’s call for a meeting between the three parties to the dam crisis in 6 November 2019, came to revive the hopes for reaching an unde...

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Internal and External Dynamics of a Rapidly Changing Turkey

Turkey is today undergoing significant political turbulence. President Erdogan’s popularity is in decline and the incumbent Justice and Development Party (AKP) appears increasingly vulnerable to

EPC | 07 Oct 2019

The UN Peacemaking Role in Yemen

From the initial crisis surrounding political transition, and through the ensuing war, the United Nations (UN) has played a variety of roles in Yemen, under its mandate from the international community.

EPC | 01 Oct 2019

Iraq’s Shifting Political Landscape and Foreign Policy Trajectories

Following the defeat of ISIS in late 2017, Iraq has entered a new era. A number of key internal and external factors will determine Iraq’s future in this new epoch and will have a significant bearing on the security and stability of the entire region.

EPC | 25 Aug 2019


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Researchers from Crown Center for Middle East Studies Visit EPC

Abu Dhabi, Feb. 17, 2020 – A delegation of 30 researchers and experts from Crown Center for Middle East Studies (CCMES) at Brandeis University on Monday visited the Emirates Policy Center (EPC).

EPC | 18 Feb 2020

Diplomats from India, Bhutan Visit EPC

Abu Dhabi, Feb. 6, 2020 – President of the Emirates Policy Center (EPC), Dr. Ebtesam Al-Ketbi, on Wednesday received a delegation of young diplomats from India and Bhutan.

EPC | 06 Feb 2020

Ambassador of Finland to the UAE Visits EPC

Abu Dhabi, Feb. 5, 2020 – President of the Emirates Policy Center (EPC), Dr. Ebtesam Al-Ketbi, on Tuesday received Ambassador of Finland to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) H.E. Marianne Nissilä.

EPC | 05 Feb 2020