Future of Russian-Iranian relations in light of Iranian-American rapprochement


American and Western think tanks look at Russia’s foreign relations from the point of view of the economic interests, which top the list of Moscow’s priorities based on the typical Russian pragmatic realism. Another reading prevails within the Iranian political and research circles allied with the ruling coalition of the “House of the Leader”-the Revolutionary Guard Corps and President Rouhani’s team that this reading of Russia’s foreign policy is inaccurate and based on old data. Tehran does not see anything in its rapprochement with Washington that might negatively affect its partnership with Moscow. Still, Iran’s diplomacy has not neglected the Russian economic interests; it signed huge contracts to buy arms and mid and long-term cooperation and exchange agreements in trade and technology. The misunderstanding of the nature and characteristics of the Russian-Iranian relations has foiled attempts by some countries in the region to influence the Russian stand on the Syrian issue. Therefore, there must be a revision of the prevailing evaluation by countries in the region about the level and future of the Iranian-Russian relations based on the status quo not the past.