EPC is Hiring

The Center is seeking experienced professionals for following vacancies. If you fit the requirements, kindly send your CV and Resume to: jobs@epc.ae

New Vacancies

Website Editor

Emirates Policy Center is looking for a Website Editor to develop, supervise and manage EPC’s website content in both Arabic and English.

  1. Responsibilities
  • Supervise, follow up and update the website in both Arabic and English in coordination with the Center’s IT department.
  • Make sure web pages are picked up by search engines (search engine optimization).
  • Make all the necessary objective adjustment, editing, proofreading and summary to papers and studies prepared by EPC’s researchers and freelance researchers before posting them on the website.
  • Manage the process of inviting researchers outside the Center to publish their papers and articles on the website.
  • Write a periodical political analysis on the latest political events and developments.
  • Draft news items on EPC’s various activities.
  • Create and monitor EPC’s social media output and feedback.
  • Take on the role of webmaster and be responsible for dealing with enquiries emailed from the site and overseeing any message boards.
  • Report on website traffic statistics to EPC’s management.             
  1. Skills
  • The Center’s website is in both Arabic and English. As such, the ideal candidate must have a strong command of the English and Arabic Language (reading and writing).
  • Must have excellent writing and editing skills, with an understanding of the special requirements of writing for the Web.
  • Must have a good eye for detail, with excellent spelling, grammar and punctuation skills.
  • Need good organizational skills to collate material from multiple sources and produce web content within tight deadlines.
  • Keep track of developments in web technology and good practice, website accessibility issues, for example.
  • Must have the ability to work under pressure and set work priorities.
  • Must have good communication skills and teamwork spirit.
  1. Qualifications
  • A bachelor’s degree in English, journalism, multimedia, mass communication, international relations and political science.
  • Previous experience (2 years at least) in an editorial or Web-related position also is a must.

Excellent political knowledge on the Middle East region, in general, and the Gulf region and the United Arab Emirates, in particular.